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Annual pet visits can be performed in the comfort of your home.  Sick visits and well visits as well as minor surgeries can also be performed.  If a surgical procedure or illness requires hospitalization, Lavista Animal Hospital is available to Dr. Tobias.  Hospice and supportive care as well as compassionate in home euthanasia are available.

Micro Chipping

A simple procedure of placing a microchip could save your pet and help you find

them quickly 


Grooming is a referral provided by Dr. Tobias

Dental Care

This is a very important part of pet care and health. On the annual physical the

teeth and gums are evaluated. Home care is encouraged and if a dental is needed

it can be performed at the facility 


Radiology or x rays are occasionally needed and performed at the facility

 Boarding is a referral from Dr. Tobias

Wellness Exams

An annual physical, vaccines and testing 


Spay and Neuter

Elective surgeries are performed at Lavista Animal Hospital

Emergency Care

Care is available 24 hrs for clients


Vaccines are tailored for each pet's lifestyle. There are no

routine vaccines as each pet may have different exposures


Minor surgeries can be performed at home but others may need a veterinary facility.

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